1.4 (December 21, 2009):

Added Chrome manifest

Added CustomizeToolbar.xul overlay style

Icons are now 24x24 & 16x16 exactly and without borders

minVersion changed since only tested with FF 3.0+ (older versions: use CookieCuller 1.3.1)

maxVersion changed for FF 3.6 support

1.3.1 (October 9, 2006):

Max Version changed to allow install under Firefox 2.0.0.x

1.3.0 (November 27, 2005):

Max Version changed to allow install under Firefox 1.5

Added localized support for Japanese, Spanish, Czech

1.2.0 (January 30, 2005):

Now compatible with new tree code in Firefox 1.1+ and Mozilla 1.8+

Added localized support for French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese (Traditional)

1.1.0 (August 22, 2004):

Added option to delete unprotected cookies on startup

Modified size of toolbar icons to better match new theme

Added link to CookieCuller dialog under Tools menu for Firefox

Made dialog resizable

Added options window in the Firefox Extension Manager

Upped version support for Firefox 1.0 preview and final

1.0.2 (June 9, 2004):

Added support for Firefox 0.9

1.0.1 (April 6, 2004):

Added explicit support for Mozilla

1.0.0 (March 21, 2004):

Initial release

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